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Are You Implementing Email Marketing Correctly in 2021?
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Are You Implementing Email Marketing Correctly in 2021?

Email Marketing – Having creative ideas is only the first step to making your brand a success. Anyone who has operated a business for a while will tell you that marketing is a non-negotiable aspect of a thriving business. Email marketing campaigns have particularly stood out despite various forms of marketing over the last few years. Launch your next advertising or marketing campaign successfully with this marketing campaign template and these tips so you don’t miss a step. This approach continues to be reliable, effective and brings back great returns on investment. Prospective customers also tend to respond favourably to products and services marked to them over emails, making them more inclined to make a purchase. However, we now live in a post-pandemic world that has seen social changes, economic declines, a fluctuating market, and shifting consumer patterns. Mailchimp alternatives for email marketing are Moosend, SendInBlue, HubSpot, GetResponse, Constant Contact, MailerLite, AWeber. Given these shifting variables, it has become imperative for businesses to modify their marketing strategies if they want to continue making the same profits and generating leads as they did earlier. To help out, we compile a list for you to measure the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign. We hope you find it helpful!

Interactive Subject Lines by Email Marketing

These lines are the only part of your email that will initially be visible to your audience, so you want to try and make it as interactive and engaging as you can. The catchier it is, the more your clients will feel encouraged to view it. This tactic is an innovative and easy way to boost your open and click-through rates. You can consider using a familiar phrase or some humour. If it is generating interest, you should be fine. Try to keep it short and also upto the point, and ensure that it is an accurate and concise representation of what your email will contain. It can feel quite annoying and deceptive if your audience finds the content of your email too meandering and unrelated to what the subject line is pretending to convey. You don’t want to click-bait your clients, as this will impact your brand reputation as well. Instead, you genuinely want them to be eager to hear from you.

For marketing about your professional and select your design preferences, and the logo generator will create the perfect logo for your brand.

Focus on the Visuals in Email Marketing

People appreciate something that feels a bit light-hearted. The primary focus shall consider sharing the email that demands attention. So be a little different to stand out! Chances are people rarely read every word of the email, so while it is good to have the skills to draft a well-written email, sometimes you can allow yourself to adopt a more creative strategy. A simple way of getting your subscribers to open your emails is to make them very easy to read – add more visual stimulus than actual text. Or display your text in bullet points that seem less daunting to go through. Consider what sort of visual might encourage the average person to read an email in the middle of a busy day.

Mobile-Friendly Emails

People use their phones for nearly everything these days – from ordering a meal at home to shopping online. So the chances that they are accessing your email marketing campaign on their phone are also pretty big. We suggest that you structure your emails to be compatible with mobile devices and even tablets. You can use mobile-responsive email templates. If you want a little of extra help, enlist the help of an email marketing company with trained professionals who can assist you with this aspect of your business.

Use Your CTA Wisely

Your call-to-action is one of the few email marketing strategies that stay consistent, and the pandemic won’t affect it much either. So try and optimize your CTA as best as you can. The idea is to encourage your customers to click on your CTAs, enough for your campaign to be successful. Make sure that it is visible and well placed. You don’t always have to resort to giant buttons – a well-placed link will work just as well, if not better. As long as you create good content and keep your emails relevant and meaningful, your CTAs will bring in the desired results.

Never Too Early to Personalize

Personalizing is a great idea, especially right now. The pandemic has boosted our need to feel supported by our communities. We, humans, are tribal animals and are wired for connectivity and a sense of familiarity. If you can embody this essence in your emails, you will get human nature at your side! Because the message that you will convey to your readers shall convince them that you prioritize their specific needs, demands, and expectations. You can include first names and references to locations in the subject line or email body even when sending the welcome email. Consider adopting email templates that will automatically add the recipient’s name to the email.
Further, you could take personalization both ways! If it feels appropriate, organically introduce your brand and business ethos to your prospects. If they can see you as a natural, living being woven into the fabric of their lives rather than a static company, they will be more inclined to maintain long-term interactions with you.


Email marketing can be recognized as a powerful tool that engages audiences and helps brands build a good relationship with consumers and leads. Thus, to help you out in utilising this tool effectively, we have covered some of the integral steps to follow while employing email marketing in 2021.

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