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A beginners’ guide to Rainbow Six Siege

A beginners’ guide to Rainbow Six Siege

When considering some of the first-person shooter games in the industry to play, we’ll always recommend Rainbow Six Siege. The game is innovative, with diverse characters from all parts of the world. The best part is that players get to fight as FBI SWAT, British SAS, French GIGN, etc. So, if you love those big guns before now, you’re in for a thrilling adventure. 

But as a beginner, you might not understand the game without proper guidance. That’s why this article will provide the information you need to play well. You’ll first understand the game and then learn how to play it. Moreover, if you use R6 hacks to boost your performance, Rainbow Six will seem like a walk in the park. 

So, if you’re ready, find more details below.  

Everything to know about Rainbow Six Siege 

  • Understanding the basics 

Rainbow Six Siege features two teams of four players. The characters are called operators, and players will make their picks before the game starts. Operators can either be in the defending team or the attacking team. The game has different modes with unique objectives and winning requirements. 

Before the game starts, the players will pick their playable characters and the weapons to use. They will also choose the point to spawn from and the attachments they want for their guns. But once the game starts, they won’t have access to change any of their choices. 

Every round has a designated time to end. The players get one minute to prepare for the game. The matches in ranked last for 3 minutes while casual lasts for 4 minutes. There are many weapons available in the game, and when players die, they can help their team through the Support Mode. 

  • How do the modes work

Rainbow Six Siege has up to 9 defined modes with diverse requirements and winning strategies. The modes include Hostage, Bomb, Secure Area, Tactical Realism, Situation, Training Grounds, Outbreak, Arcade, and Seasonal Events that appear for a season. 

In the Bomb mode or Plant/Diffuse mode, attackers will plant a spike and guard it until it diffuses. Defenders will try everything to stop the attackers from diffusing the spike successfully. Any team that succeeds within the stipulated time wins. There is usually a swap of teams after some rounds have been played. 

The training ground enables players to master the game in a 5 player-cooperative combat against bots. They will also engage in modes such as Elimination, Bomb or Hostage. Other modes also have different objectives and time frames too. 

  • Explore the Operators 

One of the challenging aspects of this game is choosing the right Operator to play. With up to 60 playable characters, the confusion is usually high. Some of the operators in the game include Thorn, Melusi, OSA, Zero, Thermite, Thunderbird, Flores, Goyo, Kali, Warden, Oryx, Nomad, etc. Some of these Operators are tough, while some are easy to learn and play. When you want the tough ones, think about Ace, Hibana and Thermite. These characters are perfect for breaching enemy territories. But when you want beginner-friendly characters, think of Rook, Frost, Kapkan, Doc, Sledge, Twitch, etc. 


  • What’s the environment like 

Presently, Rainbow Six siege features 20 maps. It started out with 11 maps but gradually increased the number. Some maps include Bank, Kafe Dostoyevsky, Chalet, Border, Clubhouse, Fortress, Coastline, Favela, Consulate, etc. Amongst the 20 maps in R6, Kafe Dostoyevsky is the biggest when you talk of height. The map features many buildings that are up to three floors. This is rare in R6 as other maps only feature 2 level buildings. The rooftops in this map are also large, and many spawn positions abound for players too. 

Most importantly, the Rainbow Six environment is destructible.  The developers allow players to use explosives or bullets to destroy walls. By this, players can easily win their opponents, especially when they take them unawares. 

  • What about the economic system

Rainbow Six Siege has an economic system just like many others. There is an in-game currency called Renown. There is also another one called R6 credits. Players can use Renown to buy cosmetics or operators. As for R6 credits, you can use them to buy weapons, operators, cosmetic items, etc. 

Players have many options to make Renown. They’ll get some after the end of every match, depending on how well they performed in the match. They will also get some by completing some challenges in the game. Also, when you use boosters available in the game, you’ll make the currency too. On the other hand, players get R6 Credits using real-world money. 


Rainbow Six Siege is a great game to play, even as a beginner. This is because you’re not playing alone but has three other players watching your back. The simple rule is to communicate with the team for better-coordinated actions and remarkable results.

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