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8 Tips To Survive Your First Day In Rust

8 Tips To Survive Your First Day In Rust

Rust is one such game that has taken the entire gaming industry by surprise. The game is an extremely interesting one and is one of the most popular survival games of recent times. However, you may not find it an easy game to play. So, if you have decided to start playing Rust, then this is the place for you as we are here with some of the best tips and tricks that will help you to survive the game in the best possible way:

1. Choose a less crowded server: 

If you are just getting started with the game, then do not go for one such server that is filled with experienced players as it is going to make it really difficult for you to survive in the game for a prolonged duration of time. By opting for a less crowded server, you will be able to use the basic tactics of the game without getting killed repeatedly. This is also going to prepare you for the crowded serve. You will also not die and you will very quickly be able to become a pro at the game. You can also try some of the safest rust hacks while playing your game.

2. Select a safe place: 

Next, you will have to choose a safe place to spawn in. When you wake up naked at a beach, there will be almost nothing to protect you. So, it is always better to remain away from the beach and find a secluded space for yourself. Beaches are extremely unsafe especially during the night and you would definitely not want to get yourself killed by a stronger clan as soon as you enter the game. So, find yourself in a safe place as soon as possible. This is going to improve your chances of survival in the games.

3. Create yourself a sleeping bag: 

If you do not want to avoid walking to the beach every time you respawn, then you can create a sleeping bag for yourself. Creating a sleeping bag is really important in Rust especially when you have to fight against a lot of enemies. Also, you must make sure that you do not carry a lot of items with you wherever you go as this is going to make it really difficult for you to win your game.

4. Keep your eyes open for animals: 

It is not just other players that you will have to deal with in Rust. You will have to protect yourself from animals as well. There are a lot of dangerous animals that are continuously roaming the island looking for food. Try to stay away from these animals. Also, try to keep your food and other equipment safe and protect everything from the attack. 

5. Try hitting the X mark:

The game of Rust is all about survival. So, once you have selected your spawning location, you will immediately have to start collecting woods and stones for your weapons and shelter and if you wish to increase your chances of getting access to wood and stones, then you will have to pick the right spot where you can get more wood. So, wherever you go looking for yourself, you will have to make sure that you get the X mark in order to gather more resources.

6. Create a tool for yourself: 

It is very difficult for you to survive the game of Rust without proper tools. So, you need to create your tools as fast as you can in the game. This is definitely going to make it easy for you to win your game. Tools can be created using woods, stone, and other easily available equipment. So, make your first tool as fast as possible and this is going to protect you from enemies and animals as well.

7. Do not get too indulged in farming: 

Farming can give you a lot of resources. It is also going to make your journey easier in the game. However, some of us become so invested in farming that we forget other aspects of the game. So, you should farm only as much as required and do not get too involved in it. Otherwise, you will have a hard time protecting all your resources and you may also get yourself killed in the attempt of farming too much.

8. Try to loot as much as possible: 

Looting is one of the most important things that you should do during the early stages of the game. You should try to loot for basic items that can be used for multiple purposes. Always be on the lookout for containers that might be scattered throughout the islands. You can also try to explore different locations and areas that are more likely to have containers. However, you should try to look out for radiation while you are trying to loot for more items. You can also check out the bodies of your enemies to see whether there is anything for you or not.

And this is how you can perform well on your first day at Rust. With practice, you will continue to gain experience, and very soon, you will become a pro at the game.


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