4 Swiss Luxury Watches For Your 2021 Collection

Some people treat watches as an alternative accessory only, while genuine watch enthusiasts truly understand their value and work of art. Some do not understand why people invest in highly expensive timepieces while their only function is to display date and time. They obviously do not understand the craftsmanship and complications these watches undergo.

When we talk about Swiss luxury wristwatches, there are no more questions asked about their quality and durability. They are on top of the food chain when it comes to luxe and superiority. Investing in the right opulent timepiece is quite challenging, provided how vast their market is, but you can check out these four Swiss luxury watches for your collection:

Omega Seamaster 300

First on our list for the Swiss luxury watches best to add to your 2021 collection is the Omega Seamaster 300. In general, Omega Seamaster watches come from a rich history and are well-known for existing long enough in the market since they were initially introduced way back in 1948. This Omega edition has released numerous remarkable watch designs.

The Omega Seamaster 300 is one of a kind with its unique characteristics and majestic Bronze Gold aesthetic. This watch is perfect for adding to your 2021 collection as it is the very first manufactured with a patent-pending alloy. It has an identical bronze alloy composition that is pretty friendly and adaptable to make direct contact with the skin.

The Seamaster 300 is made to last for longer durations as it is composed of enriched elements, including 37.5% gold, palladium, and silver. This watch ages slowly because of its unprecedented corrosion resistance without verdigris-oxidation. If you seek the perfect balance of beauty, performance, and durability, then you know that is your best pick.

Rolex Submariner

Although Rolex brings us a wide selection of luxury wristwatches like Air-King, Oyster Perpetual, GMT-Master, etc., the Submariner just gives a different click. This design has been long known for its simple yet distinctively elegant appearance and its optimal underwater performance.  The Submariner is the main adversary of the famous Omega Seamaster.

Are you a big fan of the British fictional character James Bond? Then you will have a hard time choosing between Omega and Rolex unless you already have your favorites based on actors. Sean Connery fans would definitely go for the Submariner, while Daniel Craig and Pierce Brosnan divert their attention to Omega.

Rolex released a 2020 Submariner design without actually making significant modifications to the initial setup. They kept the classic Submariner looks to maintain the brand’s original image and remind people of their turning point. The Rolex Submariner 2020 comes a little larger than the original design, with a 41mm case and a maintained black dial.

Jaeger Lecoultre Polaris Memovox

If you wish to step into a higher tier of luxury wristwatches, you need to check out Jaeger Lecoultre. The Polaris Memovox is another preference of elite divers. Its water resistance reaches up to 300 meters, and it comes with skeletonized hands to provide a more comfortable view of the time. Indeed a perfect combination of class, beauty,  and elegance.

This new model has a recognizable orange marker at the 3 o’clock position to remind the wearer of its unadjusted flange, quite an excellent pick for diving enthusiasts. The Jaeger Lecoultre Polaris Memovox comes with a captivating blue dial and stainless steel straps which give off a modern vibe. Its Intense blue glossy lacquer makes it stand out from the rest.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore

Audemars Piguet comes from a long way and is one of the most respected Swiss watch manufacturers you also have to consider. The company has been long existing since 1875 and continues to stand in its position as one of the most abundant. The Royal Oak Offshore collection is one of the brand’s most celebrated and highlighted editions, and it celebrates its 25th anniversary.

This catchy timepiece is perfect for a more masculine approach as it comes with a 42mm case with 14.1mm thickness. This watch is also ideal for the elite divers out there as it can also battle up to 300 meters underwater. The Royal Oak Offshore indeed empowers superiority with its black dial with a Méga Tapisserie pattern together with its black rubber strap.


If you are planning to invest something sentimental yet durable this year, it is pretty wise to invest in these luxury timepieces. Unlike cars and gadgets that only give short-term prestige, these highly recognized Swiss watches will provide you with the same reputable respect in a decade or two.

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